Sunday, June 11, 2023

Games I Play

     My mom and dad often tell me to share information about what I play with my friends so we can find common ground, or something like that anyways, so I will write some of that here.

1: Legend of Zelda(LoZ) Tears Of The Kingdom(TOTK) As of now I have completed its prequel and am working on its prequel's prequel (Age Of Calamity(AOC)) as well

2: Minecraft I am not very experienced in survival mode but can still not die against mobs (usually), PVP is a different problem of its own tho. I am also working on a survival game on the infinite April Fools snapshot

3: Factorio, I like the space exploration mod and hate Biters

4: Craftomation 101, Automating the bots is fun

5: Hue, A fun puzzle game from Curve Games, I got it for free during the Curve Games Publisher Sale 2023 Also now has a new game from its dev with a bunch of content, in a free demo, yeah it's pretty nice

ok that should be enough for now comment if something is wrong or if you want to know more about how I play and stuff.

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